Get specialist help integrating your client's CRM or ERP system with their eCommerce platform

"White label" means I am demonstrably a member of your team during (and after) any given project. I use a [email protected] email address and coordinate with you on ALL client communication. Priority #1 is keeping the client happy by making you look good.

What do you say when a client asks to integrate their complicated ERP or CRM system with an eCommerce platform, but Zapier and 'mapped fields' won't cut it?

Rely on a trusted eCommerce integration specialist who works under your own brand, as part of your project team.

You can keep yourself responsible for project managing, or if you prefer I'll handle the client and project end-to-end, so long as you stay in the loop on all emails and client communication to supervise.

You bring the concept from your client, I'll arm you with the necessary questions and answers for their customized solution implementation plan

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It's no secret that integrating two or more systems can feel like an insurmountable task for most marketing agencies and small dev shops. Add eCommerce, CRMs, and ERPs to the mix and things get even more complicated.

Talk to a technical solution architect who takes the time to ask the right questions about what your client is trying to accomplish, and to raise a red flag on assumptions that may be leading you and them astray.

$0 ~ $750 one time payment for an implementation strategy session with you & your client's stakeholders + a deliverable technical guideline document for your developers.

Learn about my 'Roadmapping Sessions'

Avoid letting your client throw away dollars and hours on an untested concept. Start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) demo.

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In the startup world, most great software starts with a rough MVP (minimum viable product).

That means a bare-bones demo that proves your client's concept is sound, and which their customers and staff are able & willing to use to get purchases made and data transferred to their backend systems.

Never skip this step, because the conceptual gaps and new insights that emerge are worth their weight in gold.

$999 ~ $2,900 one time payment for a *working* minimal proof-of-concept version for you and your client's stakeholders to test/refine.

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The majority of digital marketing agencies don't have full time developers in-house. And when you do, nobody in the world can specialize in everything.

Call on an expert to implement and refine your client's eCommerce integration.

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Many agencies lack senior eCommerce developers, and don't have the resources to train up junior eCommerce developers either.

When your client starts asking about integrating their systems and building mission-critical and customer-facing eCommerce solutions, it is important to end up with a well-tested, well-documented, resilient system that can handle multiple usage scenarios.

If needed, I can work with you every step of the way:

  1. Help you conceptualize your technical goals
  2. Design and deliver an implementation guide
  3. Build your "Version 1.0" minimal demo and test with your team
  4. Enhance that Version 1.0 with every upgrade your client's staff & customers have been clamoring for, as Version 2.0
  5. Train key people on usage and optimization, so that they can train everyone else

$5,500 ~ $34,500 one time payment for step-by-step guidance, expert implementation, and post-launch training on a custom solution that your client's team members and customers are thrilled to use in their day-to-day work.

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Ongoing Maintenance, Upgrades, and Support

You already offer retainer agreements or maintenance packages to your clients, and mine are no different.

The dirty secret of the software development world is that most great projects *today* fall into disrepair tomorrow.

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Integrating an eCommerce platform with one or more backend systems means relying on all those systems to remain stable.

Over time backend systems get upgraded, so long-term stability without maintenance is an unrealistic expectation.

For that reason, when you build complex internal software, you can factor in that it requires ongoing support and maintenance.

I have been developing software for over 10 years, and supporting integrations with eCommerce systems and third-party APIs for over 5 years. I'll still be here tomorrow to support you when your clients request assistance.

(optional) $350/mo ~ $1,950/mo recurring payment for ongoing maintenance and support after launch, to ensure your client's systems never fall into disrepair.

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If your clients have an eCommerce integration and automation problem, I can help you find the right solution and implement it under your brand.
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