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What I can do for you

Start saying "YES" when clients ask you about eCommerce platform integration services that you could never handle in-house before.

I work white labeled under your own brand (with a temporary @yourdomain.com email address), to project-manage and/or implement the eCommerce integration part of your project work.

You and I are colleagues on your team: from the client's perspective, from your perspective, and from our own.

Find out how I can help

Working with Dima has allowed us to offer technical solutions to our clients' most complex problems, increasing the LTV of our clients and positioning us as a go to solutions provider.

We've partnered with Dima on projects that just couldn't be done any other way, and he delivered every time.

profile photo of Jeff Doehler, partner in Conversations.Business

Jeff Doehler

When can I help?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Could our best sales margins come from projects that we're qualified to manage but not qualified to implement in-house?
  • Are customers going to our competitors for one eCommerce implementation we couldn't bid on, then staying with them?
  • Do we wish our project managers and sales people could spend more time with clients and less time putting out technical fires?
  • Does it feel impossible to outsource to talented people who also speak native English and can be relied on to represent us professionally to our clients?
  • More questions
Find out how I can help
If your clients have an eCommerce integration and automation problem, I can help you find the right solution and implement it under your brand.
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