Get your B2B software idea to market faster, validate your assumptions, and iterate to profitability.

I team up with non-technical founders at B2B startups to turn your ideas into polished web apps that can be used right away.

Building an internal tech team takes time. But that doesn't mean your
version 1.0
release has to wait.

It takes about 12 weeks of searching, interviewing and negotiating before you get a competent developer writing your first line of code. You can't avoid the onboarding process, but that's a lot of time for your competition to pull ahead.

My colleagues and I can build your first "MVP" release while you take the time to interview and hire the best internal dev team, minus the rush.

And when your devs do come on board, they won't need to re‑invent the wheel, since you own all the code we write for you.

Your core features in 2 ~ 3 months.

Anybody who's managed a complex software project before will explain you can have 80% of the features in 20% of the time. That's enough for early market validation and even some traction, while you build up your internal dev team.

We only take on projects if 2 ~ 3 months is enough to include 80% of the features you envision: i.e. a working prototype!

Build instant credibility with polished
design that just works.

Prototype software doesn't need to feel incomplete. And visually: it doesn't have to look like a spreadsheet designed in the 90's either.

I help you understand design guidelines and 2019 trends that support your B2B "enterprise-level look & feel" from Day 1.

Bonus: if you're looking for next-level design, I'll point you to colleagues who are UI/UX and SaaS onboarding specialists.

Skip the inter-cultural communication barriers and work with a

Working with Dima has allowed us to offer technical solutions to our clients' most complex problems, increasing the LTV of our clients and positioning us as a go to solutions provider.

We've partnered with Dima on projects that just couldn't be done any other way, and he delivered every time.

Iterate rapidly
with new features released in days, not weeks.

I design software with upgradability in mind from the start. That means modular, clean code that is easy to enhance.

In other words, when your customer says on Monday morning, "I like x, but it's no good to me without y", you're safe to come back to them that same week, with exactly what they needed.

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